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Love Your Guts Fearless Fermenting

Advertising video made for the Love Your Guts Fermented Food Co based in Tasmania. They run public events designed to educate people on gut health and how to create their own probiotic and prebiotic foods at home.

Heal Your Life Mastery Workshop

A 1-minute promotional video produced for The Purple House Wellness Centre in Forth, Tasmania.

Moving from Brisbane to Tasmania

A short vlog about the trip I took to move from Queensland to Tasmania.

Wineglass Bay Boat Tour

The epic scenery of the East Coast of Tasmania.

My Brother’s Farm

Silverleaf Farm in Proston, Queensland

INFJ’s aren’t Materialistic, but…

INFJ’s are seen as uninterested in material goods, but is that entirely true?

INFJ’s Have Strength

For a type which can be perceived as soft and weak, you’ll find a back-bone of pure steel…